Mostplay Lottery Online Games for Indian Players

The only studio that provides lottery games to Mostplay is Saba, and the collection consists of 7 games. The choice includes Lotto, Happy, Lottery, and other types. All the Mostplay lotteries involve the random number generator and provide unpredictable outcomes. To win a round, players have to guess the winning numbers.

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Mostplay Lottery for Indian players

What are Mostplay Lotteries?

A lottery is a category of the Mostplay casino that performs 7 games with a similar concept based on predicting the winning numbers. Each game is provided by Saba. The winner is a player whose selected numbers line up with the winning ones. Several winners are possible as well.

It is not necessary to guess all the numbers, but the more you guess – the more Indian rupees you can win.

About Lotteries at Mostplay India

How to Play Lotteries in Mostplay

If you are sure of your intuition and are good at guessing numbers, you need to try your luck in Mostplay lotteries. Follow the instructions to begin playing these games:

  1. Step 1

    Log into your profile or sign up on the site or in the mobile app.

    Login or Register at Mostplay India
  2. Step 2

    Top up your main balance.

    Top up your balance at Mostplay India
  3. Step 3

    Scroll the main menu and tap on the Lottery option to proceed to the lobby.

    Select Lottery section at Mostplay India
  4. Step 4

    Choose one game from 7 available ones.

    Find the desired game at Mostplay India
  5. Step 5

    Click to open it.

    Click to open the game at Mostplay India
  6. Step 6

    Select the numbers and wait for a new draw to begin.

    Play Lottery at Mostplay India

Types of Lottery Games

The choice includes 7 types of Mostplay lotteries online. All of them have similar rules and gameplay. More details about each game are below.

Happy 5

In the beginning, the player buys a ticket that contains 5 random numbers. After this, the virtual lotto machine generates winning numbers. If the ones match with what is mentioned on your ticket, you are the winner.

Play Happy 5 for Indian Mostplay players

Happy 5 Line

The game does not differ a lot from Saba Happy 5. In order to win, it is necessary to match the winning numbers in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line on your ticket. If there are several winners, everyone is given a part of the prize.

Play Happy 5 Line at Mostplay India


The type is the most well-known variant of the entire genre. The rules are simple: players buy tickets to join the game and if the number on their voucher gets drawn, they win. Either main prizes or minor ones can be won.

Play Lottery for Indian Mostplay players


In the lotto game, players are required to select a set of numbers. After all the tickets are bought, the lotto machine begins to define the winning combination randomly. Hence, the winner is that gamer whose set of numbers is displayed on the screen.

Play Lotto in Mostplay India

Number Game

Although this Mostplay lottery version features high volatility, it is frequently associated with a lot of fun. The concept is that players need to collect a combination of certain numbers to win a round.

Play Number Game in Mostplay India

RNG Keno

The Keno game gives an opportunity to select from 1 to 80 numbers at the beginning of the round. As soon as all users are ready, the lottery machine starts to generate the winning numbers. The winner is a player who guesses more numbers than others.

Play RNG Keno for Indian Mostplay players

Table Game

The game starts when players buy a ticket with a certain set of numbers. Then, in turn, each gamer is given a random number. If such a number is on the ticket, it is covered. To win, you need to be the first opponent who covers the entire ticket.

Play Table Game in Mostplay India

Advantages of Saba Lotteries

Mostplay lotteries in India provide a number of benefits contributing to their popularity in this country. The most advantageous features are as follows:

  • Potentially high payouts. Even if the bet amount is low, everyone has a chance to hit a jackpot;
  • Entertainment. An adrenaline rush occupies players’ minds when the lotto machine shows winning numbers;
  • High RTP. The Return to Player scores exceed 90% in all games;
  • Affordable Entry. You do not have to pay a lot to own a lottery ticket;
  • User-friendly interfaces. Thanks to modern design, even new Indian players understand everything.
Benefits of Lottery at Mostplay India

Lottery Games in the Mostplay App

Fortunately, the Mostplay mobile app performs the same collection of lottery games as the website of Mostplay. In addition, they can be accessed in a similar manner to the site: you need to open the category via the main menu at the top. In the app, games also work on the random number generator, so no one can impact results.

Play Lottery at Mostplay India mobile app


What is the minimum deposit for lotteries?

To start playing lottery games in Mostplay, it is enough to deposit 500 INR.

Can I play Mostplay lotteries in demo mode?

Unfortunately, it is impossible. The casino does not supply demo versions for lotteries. This means that the only format accepted is playing Mostplay lotteries for real money.

Which software providers power the category?

The games added to the Lottery tab are developed by Saba.