Mostplay Privacy Policy in India

The safety of spending time in Mostplay is ensured by checking new and regular Indian players. Knowing the fundamental information about bettors helps the bookie prevent the risk of fraud, money laundering, and cases of uncontrolled betting. For these purposes, the company may receive and analyze private details about users. Any data that enters the database is processed only by legal means per international acts in the field of privacy policy.

In addition, all players in India are required to provide supporting documents, including a passport or bank statement, upon request of the sportsbook. Mostplay also has the right to review and change the current policy to achieve the greatest effectiveness. Bettors may or may not be warned about this in advance.

Privacy Policy for Indian Mostplay players

What is private information?

Some types of data are particularly useful and necessary for your activities in Mostplay India. Among them, the following information is most often requested:

  • Name and surname;
  • Date of birth;
  • Phone number and email address;
  • Country and city of residence;
  • IP address and operating system of the device.
About private information at Mostplay India

How is the data collected?

Depending on what information is required, Mostplay uses various methods for obtaining and processing parts of it:

  • Automatic collection occurs when a player visits a bookie’s site or Mostplay mobile app and leaves a “digital footprint”, such as an IP address and the features of the device;
  • The manual collection of details involves the player filling out various forms when creating a profile or making a deposit;
  • Cookies are a separate method that is installed in the user’s browser and collects information about their preferences.
Data collection at Mostplay India


The company undertakes not to sell, exchange, or transfer private bettor details to third parties. An exception may be illegal actions of the player on the site or in the application, such as fraud, money laundering, and so on. In this case, the organization may release player information to law enforcement for further investigation.

In addition, reliable storage of personal data is carried out using the latest technologies, SSL encryption keys, and the use of anti-virus systems.

About data security at Mostplay India

Customer Service

You can contact the support service at any time for the following questions:

  • Clarification of unclear provisions of the privacy policy;
  • Correction, addition, or removal of some part of private details;
  • Request to refuse to provide personal information. In this case, the user will automatically no longer be able to utilize Mostplay services.
Mostplay India Player Support